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Take advantage of standard pricing plus incentives for a better trading experience.

Standard Pricing + Market Quality Incentives = Making Markets Better
Standard Pricing - Penny Names Adding Liquidity Removing Liquidity
Customer +$0.25 — 0.50* -$0.45
Firm or Professional Customer +$0.40 — 0.42* -$0.43 — 0.49*
Market Maker +$0.35 — 0.42* -$0.43 — 0.49*
Market-Quality Incentives NBBO Setter** Quoting Incentive Program***
Additive Rebate +$0.02 — 0.04* +$0.02 — 0.04*
  • See the Fee Schedule for non-standard routing charges.
  • *Eligibility determined by ADV as a percent of TCV per the Fee Schedule.
  • **Applies only to Firms, Market Makers, and Professional Customer orders.
  • ***Applies only to Registered Market Makers.

09/22/15 Company Headquarters Taken Completely Offline for Test of BCP Plan on September 17th

09/09/15 Advisory Board Consists of Leading Options Industry Executives

09/08/15 BZX Options Remains Market Leader in Single-leg Options with 17.3% Market Share; Company on Schedule to Launch EDGX Options on November 2nd

08/10/15 Targets Monday, November 2nd Launch for EDGX Options

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